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The Highlands Ability Battery
For Corporations, Adults and Students

The Highlands Ability Battery is a three-hour online assessment taken on a desktop or laptop. 

The Battery helps identify your unique and natural abilities and assist you in determining how you learn, solve problems, and view the world. When you finish the Battery, you will get two reports, one report of your core abilities, including a bar chart showing your scores as percentiles. The second report is a Career Supplement that links your abilities to careers with descriptions and projected salaries.

Corporations use the Battery to link your abilities to other factors that influence your career.
Adults use the Battery when making a career change, or seeking employment.
Students use the Battery to make clear decisions on college majors and schools. 

Your career planning decisions and the career path you choose will determine the patterns and texture of your life and career – whom you marry, where you live, your income, how much time you spend at home, your travels, and how you spend your leisure time. Nevertheless, after years of research and work in career planning, we have concluded that most students leave high school and college without any clear plan to guide them in selecting and pursuing a career or occupation.

We have also concluded that when people feel overwhelmed by a job or career, they often fail to plan adequately for the changes they need to make to restore balance in their lives. The recognition of a career problem does not automatically trigger the career planning that is necessary to alleviate the problem.

Career Plan

The Whole Person Model

The development of a sound career plan. The process begins with the online Highlands Ability Battery, the gold standard among tests assessing innate abilities, and ends with a Personal Vision, i.e., a way to see into the future and link yourself to on-going career planning that points the way and draws you forward.

Choosing a career path and the right tool for career development is a critical process that requires a Personal Vision or lodestar.

The effectiveness of your decision-making at Turnng Points in your life will depend on the information and knowledge available to you. Knowledge is power.

The more knowledge you have about yourself, the more effective your life and career decisions will be. The trick is to figure out what information you lack or need and then gather and analyze that information.

The Battery consists of 19 worksamples and
is between 2 1/2 to 3 hours taken online in a quite setting.

The following are the names of the worksamples.

Generalist / Specialist (oral)
Generalist / Specialist (written))
Introvert / Extrovert
Time Frame
Concept Organization
Idea Productivity
Spatial Relations Theory
Spatial Relations Visualization
Design Memory
Verbal Memory
Tonal Memory
Rhythm Memory
Pitch Discrimination
Number Memory
Visual Speed and Accuracy

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